China is working on a copy of the F 15 Eagle fighter jet and they have named it J 16. This is just their latest known endeavor in copying Americans. In E commerce they have copied Twitter Uber Google Ebay etc. U.S.A has a machine on Mars. Quite a feat. Doesnt China need to be innovative too?中国正在拷贝F 15鹰战斗机,他们命名它为J 16。这只是他们近期的仿效美国人所做到的希望。在电子商务方面,他们早已拷贝了推特,Uber,谷歌,易趣网等。

美国在火星上有一台机器。感叹一项伟业。中国不必须创意吗?A2A. China is not a superpower. It has never proposed that it would become one. To be a superpower you need to be both economic and military dominance that it projects its power over areas and countries far beyond its own borders. To date modern China has maintained its military strictly for the defence of its territory.区对区,中国并没制霸全球,也从没想要问鼎天下。意欲为超级大国,你必须有经济和军事上的统治者支配力,在近超强国界之外的各个地域和国家部署你的权力。

而当下新中国的军事仅有为保持其领土的防卫。OK let’s talk about copying imitating in business. Does this happen world wide? Yes it happens everyday in every country. In business we have a euphemism called – being competitive”. It consists of the practise of imitating what your competition is doing successfully. You see this literally everyday and it has been going on since business strategy was created. In your country is there only ONE hamburger or chicken or coffee or drugstore chain or cable TV network or one smart phone that has different features than all the other ones? NO because 95% of the time business all over the world function by imitating success and 5% of the time they are disruptors and innovate something different.好吧,让我们谈谈商业领域的拷贝和仿效。这事儿全世界都有吗?是的,它每天都在每个国家再次发生。在商业上,我们有一个直白的众说纷纭叫“竞争”。


When Japan auto industry nearly killed the US auto industry in the later part of 20th century; did they reinvent cars? NO. They improved the quality of what US manufacturers had designed to give the consumer what they wanted and what they wanted was Japanese cars not American ones which forced US car manufacturers copy Japanese manufacturers. IRONIC isn’t it?在20世纪下半叶日本汽车工业完全毁坏美国汽车工业的时候,是他们新的发明者了汽车吗?不,他们提升了美国制造商者的设计质量,给了消费者他们所想的。所以当人们想的是日本车而不是美国车时,这又被迫美国汽车制造商剽窃日本制造商。这很嘲讽不是吗?A number of people believe Apple is not a company that invents. Rather it takes what others have already invented and applies those things in a different way. Yet Apple is rated by many as innovative.许多人指出苹果是不是一个原创公司。

忽略,它摘了别人早已发明者的东西并把这些东西以有所不同的方式付诸应用于。然而,苹果被很很多人尊为革新者。To a degree what China has done to date is similar to what Japan did in the 1970’s and for the next 30 odd years. China is the world’s factory in large measure because it can produce things in great volume and at lower overall cost compared to others giving western businesses multi-national companies higher profit margins.在或许上说道,迄今为止中国的不道德类似于日本在70年代以及之后剩下的30年里所做到之事。中国是巨型规模的世界工厂,因为它要用比别人更加较低的总成本生产大量物品,从而给西方企业和跨国企业带给更高的利润。